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About Us – The PaymentLogue

Our mission is to provide an EdTech platform that facilitate learning as well as building a payment ecosystem for professionals and anyone interested in Fintech and Payment, equipping them with the competence to thrive in current roles and seamlessly enter new markets.

Paymentlogue is an Edtech firm focused on the Fintech sector. Its aim is to bridge the growing skill gap in the Payment and Fintech space by addressing 5 key areas;

1. Payment product development.  

2. Payment Risk and Security.

3.Payment Operations.

4. Payment business strategy.

5. Payment implementation/Payment project development.

Our Partnerships

To give you high quality, hands-on experience, PaymentLogue partners with top-flight companies with over 20years experience to solve their pressing needs during the synchronous and simulated learning sessions. Thus, You will not just hear & see, you will also “do” and fully understand.

Explore our professional courses now!

Do not miss out on the opportunity to gain the necessary hands-on skills & experience to land your dream job. Professionals never doubt that they are Valuable & Powerful!