Learning Resources for Aspiring Payments Specialists and Enthusiasts.

The Payments Industry has come a long way. It has evolved from its humble beginnings back in 1979 when Visa rolled out the first credit card terminal, to the dizzying speed of Payments-related innovation in this era .

We have witnessed an evolution in software, hardware, lifestyle, value creation, standards and regulation all because of Payments.

Naturally it would attract people who would want to build a career in this field. If this applies to you – if you have ever wondered how to get in or change careers, if you are wondering where to learn basic stuff or upgrade what you already know, then keep reading.

1.WebSites offering Training and Certifications.

I’ll start with a list of sites you can visit to learn basic and advance concepts. Some are are paid courses and quite a lot are free .

2. Follow Influencers and Payments ‘Evangelists’

You can also follow influencers who are knowledgeable in this industry, especially those who often share information on their social media platforms. This is important if you are looking to learn.

  • Jim Marous @jimmarous ( Co-Publisher, The Financial Brand)
  • Brett King @BrettKing ( Founder of a Digital Bank — Moven)
  • Bradley Leimer @leimer ( Co-founded unconventionalventures.com)
  • Deji Olowe @dejiolowe ( Deji writes at https://dejiolowe.com/)
  • Ope Adeoye @opeadeoye ( Ope writes a blog very useful for Product managers here )
  • Victor Asemota @asemota (Victor is a Tech Veteran and a regular contributor at The Guardian Newspaper)
  • Karen Webster @karenmpd ( Karen is the CEO of Pymnts.com)
  • Faisal Khan @babushka99 (Faisal has a really interesting blog at https://faisalkhan.com/)
  • Nadja @PaymentCounsel( Nadja is a lawyer and writes at https://paymentsguru.eu)

……and many more. This is in no way a popularity contest or an exhaustive list. It is just a representation of people I learn from frequently.

3. Follow Industry Blogs to update your knowledge

Thirdly, you can follow Industry known blogs, again this is just a few and not an exhaustive list.

4. Or you can ask me any brief, payment-related questions in the comment section :).

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